The Chillida-Leku museum shows the sculptural career of the author, Eduardo Chillida, for 50 years. Located about 15 kilometers from Donostia, it is an outdoor sculpture park, where a collection is exhibited that the sculptor Eduardo Chillida has kept for years and where his vision of the form, space and accumulated time. The Chillida-Leku is a space that has a garden of 12 hectares, with trees, in which, over the course of seventeen years, around 40 large pieces, mostly iron and granite, have been placed. In the museum you can see the theme of the open form and the closed form or that opens inside or outside, the empty space, dimensioned by uncreated spaces, a void like the silence and the resistance it finds. Thus, he defines sculpture as a form of action.

Currently, the museum is open again.

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