Château de Rustéphan

The Château de Rustéphan is a small, ruined 15th–16th century manor-house in the Finistère département of France. It is located in the small rural town of Nizon, near Pont-Aven. It was erected by Jean Du Faou, chamberlain of France and grand seneschal of Brittany, who built the domaine in 1420.

According to tradition, the original manor was built by the son of a Duke of Brittany, named Étienne, Count of Penthièvre and seigneur of Nizon, who died in 1137.

The current structure was built by Jean du Faou. According to some historians, it was a former hunting lodge of the Dukes of Brittany, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Its position, at the entrance of large woods that covers the entire parish of Nizon, and which abounds in game, can make this opinion very plausible.

During the French Revolution, more than half of the manor-house was burned and destroyed.

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Lanzonnet - CC BY-SA 3.0
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