Changu Narayan is an ancient Hindu temple, located on a high hilltop that is also known as Changu or Dolagiri in Changunarayan Municipality of Bhaktapur District, Nepal. The hill is about 7 miles (12 km) east of Kathmandu and a few miles north of Bhaktapur. The Manohara River flows beside the hill. The temple, considered to be one of the oldest in Nepal, is dedicated to Vishnu and is revered by Hindus.

The temple was surrounded by champak tree forest and a small village known as Changu. A Kashmiri king is said to have given his daughter, Champak, in marriage to the prince of Bhaktapur. The temple is considered to be named after her.

Photographies by:
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France - CC BY 2.0
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