Capilla de Mármol

Capilla de Mármol

The Capilla de Mármol nature sanctuary is a national monument of Chile,[1]u200b constituted by a set of mineral formations of calcium carbonate. It is located on the west bank of Lake General Carrera, Aysén Region, near Puerto Río Tranquilo and 223 km south of the regional capital, Coyhaique.

Over the years, the waters of the lake —the second largest in South America— have eroded the coastal escarpments, creating these formations that include caves and islets. Some of these formations are also known as Marble Cathedral, Marble Chapels or Marble Caverns. In recent years, they have become an important tourist attraction in the Aysén Region.

Photographies by:
Nicolás Lara - CC BY-SA 3.0
Trabajo propio - Public domain

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