Castel Fontana

( Brunnenburg )

Brunnenburg (Italian: Castel Fontana) is a 13th-century castle in the province of South Tyrol, in northern Italy.

Schloss Brunnenburg is situated above the city of Merano, on the outskirts of the municipality of Tirol. Originally built circa 1250, the castle was completely restored and updated in the mid-20th century by Boris de Rachewiltz, an Egyptologist, and his wife Mary, daughter of the poet Ezra Pound and violinist Olga Rudge, who have made it their home. Surrounding the castle is the family's vineyard.

Pound stayed with his daughter and her family at the castle in 1958 after he returned from the United States. It was there that he wrote the last 6 of his 116 "cantos" of The Cantos.

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