Summits of your life

BonPla.cat is a community of plans. You can find a multitude of recommended community plans. Visiting plans when traveling, plans close to where you live, plans for day to day and breaking with routine, etc ...

you can come with us, participate and enjoy!

At BonPla.cat we are in continuous development (Rolling Release) to bring new functionalities to the community. In the meantime, you can enjoy the following features.

  • Search for plans you want to make via map or by the search engine.
  • Plan a trip by searching through the area of the map where you will travel or are traveling at that time.
  • Create a plan, be it an outstanding landmark of your life, a landmark, or a recommendation for the community.
  • Saved the plans that you like best to have them present to perform.
  • Mark the plans already made, to know what you have come to do.


2020: 31.418 Pager displayed, 5491 Users, 120 Countries.

2019: 6.428 Pager displayed, 473 Users, 34 Countries.