Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila

( Calblanque Regional Park )

Calblanque Regional Park, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila is a regional park in Spain, and in this country in the autonomous community Región de Murcia. In this region, it is located in the municipalities Cartagena and La Unión. It is part of Sierra Minera, a mountain chain in the Baetic System.

It is one of the best preserved areas in the Mediterranean littoral in spite of human activities and interaccions. The two last facts brings this area a cultural value.

In regards of its geology, there are two kinds of lithology: metamorphic rocks and Quaternary sediments. Overall, there are the most ancient rocks in The Region of Murcia and the most recent ones, which are altered by sundry erosion processes. These phenomenons turn into the existence of beaches, risks, natural arcs, tafoni, etc.

There is a large diversity of ecosystems: forest spots, sandy areas, etc.

Enrique Freire - CC BY 2.0
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